Sugandhasree Innovative Farmer Award

The Indian Society for Spices, Kozhikode, has been honouring outstanding farmer with a “Sugandhasree Innovative Farmer Award” who has been involved himself/herself for at least 10 years in spices cultivation. It is given biennially and consists of a citation and award money.

The award will be for the creative approach – Innovative farming, technological acceptance, contribution in enhanced productivity, farming attributes shown by a farmer. This may involve activities like farmers innovation in resource conservation and enhancement, genetic resources conservation or Management Practices, Soil and Water Management/Conservation, Development of Appropriate Tools and Equipment, processing of spices produce & marketing.

Sugandhasree Innovative Farmer Award - 2017

Shri. Ghanakanta Neog

Shri. Ghanakanta Neog from Eraloni Village, Namsai District, Arunachal Pradesh. His black pepper garden is the biggest available in the district and was selected as a Model Black Pepper garden by Spices Board. His black pepper garden is also the venue for various training programs aimed at promoting black pepper cultivation. His stupendous success in black pepper cultivation has paved the way for several farmers to venture into black pepper farming.


Shri. R. Thechamo Ovung

Shri. R. Thechamo Ovung from Lotsu Village, Wokha District, Nagaland became interested in spices cultivation when he was nominated to attend a seminar at Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh during April, 2014. Subsequently he motivated other farmers to produce spices in large quantities to meet the demands of various buyers. Since then he has been cultivating crops such as ginger, turmeric, and cardamom and also encouraging other farmers by giving them seed ginger from his own produce free of cost. This has led to additional income generation of nine thousand rupees for individual farmers who were hardly getting two to three thousand rupees from the sale of vegetables.

Sugandhasree Innovative Farmer Award - 2015

Shri. Mathew Sebastian

Shri. Mathew Sebastian is a progressive and innovative farmer from Karuvarakkundu, Malappuram District of Kerala, who developed the first nutmeg variety IISR-Keralashree through farmers participatory breeding in collaboration with ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode. He developed a modified training method for cultivation of nutmeg grafts. He is actively involved in production of planting materials of IISR-Keralashree and in organizing training programmes on production technology of nutmeg.


Shri. S.R. Sundararaman

Shri. S.R. Sundararaman, a progressive farmer from Sathyamangalam, Erode District of Tamil Nadu, who adopted innovative organic farming systems. He practises self reliant agriculture and brought out radical changes in management packages which are safe to the environment. He has standardized sustainable organic production system for turmeric and also involved in dissemination of his success in farming to fellow farmers in India and abroad.

Sugandhasree Innovative Farmer Award - 2013

Shri. K. R. Keshava

 Shri. K. R. Keshava, from Kenjige Village, Mudigere, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka established a black pepper–coffee plantation and achieved very high productivity levels. He practices integrated nutrient and pest management schedules and has also adopted technologies for irrigation, shade regulation, and vermicomposting. He is involved in dissemination of his success to fellow coffee and black pepper growers by imparting training to youth and also organizing meetings with scientists and extension officers.