About ISS

       The Indian Society for Spices (ISS) was founded in 1991 for the advancement of research and development in spices, aromatic and related crops. The society aims at providing a forum for research workers on these crops for exchange of ideas and as a catalytic link between research and development organizations and the industry. The society organizes symposia, conferences and seminars in collaboration with other organizations on aspects relevant to spices and aromatic crops.

Aims and objectives:


  • To provide common forum for the workers in spices, aromatic plants and allied crops for purposeful exchange of ideas
  • To publish an International Journal, which shall be called Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops, as a vehicle for speedy publication of research results
  • To encourage interaction among scientists of different organizations in India
  • To organize symposia, conferences, workshops etc on spice, aromatic and related crops
  • To act as an effective catalytic link between the research and development organizations on one hand and the industry and trade on other, and
  • To further the concept of common brotherhood among research workers, development workers, farmers, industrialists, traders and the consumers of spices, aromatic plants and allied crops.